Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom – Review


Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom, created by critically acclaimed game designer Dong Nguyen, can be played now on your iPhone and iPad. The game’s gorgeous artwork draws you into its colorful world, depicting a mystical, magical world in which the sun and sand rule. Players control a character (the warrior) and use their own weapons and tools to attack creatures onscreen and defend themselves from their many enemies. The game provides an addictive gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.

Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom

Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom, developed by Zynga, is now available for download on the iOS App Store. It’s free to play and requires the use of your iPhone or iPad to perform basic functions, including controlling your character, changing your weapons, and even buying upgrades. It’s free to try the game in the “Free Trial” section below, but if you really want to get all the way to the end, it’s recommended you buy the full version of Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom. It’ll cost you just $6.99 on both iPhone and iPad, and the Android version costs a little bit more at $7.99.


In this highly anticipated role-playing game for iOS devices, players take on the roll of a warrior known as the Sun Warrior, who must protect his kingdom from an endless horde of evil creatures known as the sands of time. Players must level up to unlock new weapons, armor, and quests, and explore the many areas and towns of the Sand Kingdom. You’ll find unique items, gold, rare animals, and more as you progress through the game, as well as 14 classes to select from, each with its own special ability and weapon.


The Android edition of Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom gives you the same rich gameplay that the iPhone and iPad versions have. Items can be bought and sold, and can be traded with other players. The ability to create your own items helps you improve your reputation in the market, which in turn affects your leveling and earning potential. Plus, players can purchase items from merchants for sale in the marketplace, allowing them to build up their own shops and experience the benefits of being able to customize and personalize items for sale in the marketplace. These are just some of the additional features available from this title, along with an overall free update that you can also enjoy on both the iPhone and iPad.

Final Verdict

The story of Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom revolves around a young woman named Mary who lives in the sleepy town of Muspelheim. As she dreams about being a renowned blacksmith, she sets out on an adventure to find her destiny and the location of a legendary gem called “the Skystone.” Along her journey, she meets a young man called Jax who is part of a group of android warriors. Together, they save the town and battle the evil pirate captain who attempted to destroy the gem. In the end, the two heroes end up winning the prized gem, and Marl becomes the new master of the skystone.


The Legend of Heroes: Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom combines classic elements of an RPG with the accessibility of an iPhone and iPad. The free download gives you all the freedom and flexibility that are offered by a flash game, allowing you to move through the world and do whatever you’d like along the way. You can choose to play as any of your favorite heroes, including the popular mage, ninja, thief, and warrior as well as classic favorites like bunny, frog, and fish. All of these heroes are fluid, detailed, and colorful, making them enjoyable to play. With beautiful HD visuals, and a seamless gameplay scheme that don’t even use the flash, it’s no surprise that the Legend of Heroes: Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom has won over fans from around the world.

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