Garden Story from Picogram 2021


The Game of Garden Story has captivated the hearts of children and grown ups too for that matter. This is a game in which you help the little character, Growms, grow and develop into a magnificent king or queen who will rule the kingdom. You do this by making use of all the tools available to you along the way. Sounds easy? It really is if you have a lot of fun while playing the Game of Garden Story.

Garden Story

The game comes in three versions, a mobile version, an online version and a Game of Gardens one (which is the most recent one). You can choose any one of them as per your choice. In this Game of Gardens, all the levels have been converted into gardens, and thus, each level has different challenges. The story revolves around a boy called Max, who lives in a small house on the outskirts of town where nothing much seems to happen.

One day, he receives a birthday gift from his dad – an amazing device known as the Game of Stones which enables you to see other’s dreams. Using it, you can see what happens in other people’s lives when they are asleep! The only problem with Max’s gift is that while it enables him to see other’s dreams, he cannot remember any of their dreams. This is where the game takes off for Max who soon realizes that he has an amazing power, the ability to read minds, and thus, be able to control people’s actions!


The Garden Story game revolves around seven different animals which are Max, a Sheep, a Bee, a frog, a turtle, a horse and a duck. To save the beautiful Flower Children, who is at risk from the evil clutches of the evil King Flowers, you have to make Max fall in love with the various lovely characters of the game, and woo them towards your home. At the beginning of the game, Max appears to be an average kid, but he soon gains confidence and courage as he meets new and exciting friends. The whole game revolves around Max’s quest to find the owner of the strangely shaped flower named Boots. It is up to you to help Max win the heart of the game’s many beautiful characters who will give him the happiness he seeks.



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