GhostWire: Tokyo – January 2021


GhostWire: Tokyo is a newly release action-adventures game developed by Tango Gameworks in collaboration with Nitronic Rush and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game will be releasing worldwide in twenty-one arcades in either spring or summer of 2018. This GhostWire review will focus on the story behind the game and what to expect from it. If you love adventure and mystery games then this is definitely for you!

GhostWire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo follows the story of detective Maki Hoshinaka, who must investigate a series of murders committed by ghosts. The player controls Hoshinaka while going through the crime scenes one by one, looking for clues that will help them close the case. The player also has the option to use hidden items or manipulate the camera to reveal information about the scene of the crime, in order to solve it more quickly and easily.

In the GhostWire: Tokyo gameplay trailer we see the player’s crime fighting efforts taking place in a Japanese-occupied Tokyo. The story begins with Hoshinaka searching for a missing girl, who happens to have the same name. He soon discovers that the girl is somehow connected to the serial murders committed by a group of ghosts. Hoshinaka becomes a suspect in the case, and after getting a number of information about the case, he gets a chance to help the Tokyo police with their investigation. He is able to help them bust the GhostWire criminals.

Bethesda Softworks

The GhostWire: Tokyo reveal trailer shows how the action-packed game will play out. You can look for more on GhostWire: Tokyo at E3. The game’s premise is to enter a GhostWire system, where you will need to fight off evil spirits, avoid alarms, and find out the truth behind the “Gathering.” During your quest, you will encounter many interesting locations, from busy cities to ghost villages and more. As the game progresses, you’ll learn more about yourself and your surroundings as you work to complete each level.

There is also a GhostWire: Tokyo gameplay reveal video and an announcement trailer. In the video the game’s developer talks about how they took “a lot of basic elements from active video gaming” and incorporated them into “this dark mystery themed adventure game.” He mentions that the game features “over 20 original characters, all with their own unique qualities and challenges.” The characters include: Yuna, the young girl seen at the beginning of the game; Katsu, the detective you’ll meet later; Ritsu, the mysterious martial arts master; Miki, the very sweet yet mysterious girl; Yuichi, the quiet yet strong boy; and Mitsu, the mysterious older girl. They are all featured in the announcement trailer. If you remember, all of the girls are seen wearing high-heeled shoes.


There is currently no concrete release date for GhostWire: Tokyo, but the developers have shared some information about the game’s upcoming updates. The first is that GhostWire will be “coming out shortly before the end of June” with new content. A release date for the second major update has not been revealed.

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