New World from Amazon Games 2021


Upon leaving the ground, the New World has been established upon the surface of a plane. The continents have been completely mapped and no land masses are left to discovery. The Amazon rainforest has also been declared as a biome where new life can grow. Several species of aquatic plants and animals have been named and the flora and fauna of the New World has been fully preserved after the long eras of preservation through isolation and extreme weather conditions. Scientists and explorers are on the look out for the first humans to settle the New World.

New World from Amazon Games

New World is an up and coming massively multi-player online role-playing video game by Amazon Game Studios to be launched on the 25th May 2021. The game has been originally scheduled to be launched in August 2021 before being postponed again in May 2021. During the time the game is delayed, Amazon will hold a community event and allow the community to test the final version of the game on their browsers prior to its official release date. The testing of the New World will start on the second week after the release date and will continue until the week of the actual release.

When the game finally comes out in the market, it will be loaded with all the exciting content that the players have been demanding. The major features that the players are expecting to include in the final release are the New World PvP, raid instances, flying mounts, crafting, artisans and many more. The developers have been keeping the feedback of the players very important and are making all possible changes in the future to make sure that the player experience is not affected negatively. They are also working towards improving the overall performance of the map instances and are looking out for ways to improve the visuals of the top matches. Amazon has also mentioned that the overall monetization model of the game will stay the same and that the focus will be on providing more engaging content.

Amazon has also hinted at some other possible changes that they might make in the future such as reducing the aeternum fee in the initial phase and increasing it gradually as the popularity of the game increases. The addition of flying mount in the Free to Air line was seen as a great success and the hope is that the same success will be achieved in the PvP line too. This will help players get into the heart of the fight faster and will allow them to level their characters faster. The overall revenue model looks very strong and according to reports, the subscription fee has been increasing by the day. The subscription fee is currently only $2.50 per month and this is a very low price considering the strong gameplay and the appealing interface provided by the game.

With a strong community behind the game, it is expected that there will be an increase in the number of players online during the launch phase and it is estimated that up to 20 millions people will be online at any given moment playing the game. The MMORPG industry is witnessing a huge expansion lately with the release of new titles every year. The release of New World has been received well by both hardcore and casual gamers alike. There are a lot of factors that have contributed to the game’s success such as its innovative combat mechanics, the exciting seamless open-world environment, and the thrilling story line. The new world is going to be available on April 2021.

Unknown Release Date

Amazon has also released some add-on content for those who want to improve the overall game experience and try something different compared to the content provided in the original game. The content will include new storyline lines, new player races, new battle maps, additional challenges, and amazon costumes for the players. Since most of the Amazon maps are based on ancient mythology, it is expected that this add-on will attract more players due to its uniqueness. Other than this, Amazon also plans to release several other free games including an in-game currency, weapons, and an economy system in the near future. It is very likely that all these features will make the game more exciting and the number of players in the world will increase significantly.

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