Resident Evil Village – April 2, 2021


Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is the finale of the Resident Evil series. It’ll be the final chapter of the popular RPG series based on the reality-shifting monsters called the Umbrella Corps. In Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the last remaining member of Team Umbrella takes on the ultimate enemy in her own personal game, taking up arms against the regenerated devil-like beings after their last stand against him and his fiends in Raccoon City. The game will also introduce some elements from the later Resident Evils for the franchise, namely the resistance series. Here are some essential facts about this new game in the series.

Resident Evil Village

The main protagonist of the game is a girl called Alice, who has a unique psychic power that lets her read the future. After being bitten by a vampire, she becomes infected with a rare Bacterial Vaginosis disease. The infection soon spreads throughout her body, causing her to lose control of her senses. Alice is now in need of saving the world and her only means of doing that is to become a hermit and live in an isolated island where no one else goes. In this way, she can still keep her mind occupied and, at the same time, start to discover the truth behind the events that have happened.


The game’s story revolves around a man called Alice, who is believed to be a biohazard. The man, following orders from a higher power, becomes her constant caregiver. However, things do not go as planned and Alice soon finds herself stranded on an island with no way out except for becoming a hermit and exploring the mysterious circumstances that brought her to this place in the first place. There, she meets the now deceased Alice (rophily) and the game’s protagonist, a man called Carlos (Djoker), who wants to help her. Together, they must find out the reason behind the outbreak and, after that, stop the resident evil itself.


The player has the option to choose between a first-person survival horror and third-person shooter. Biohazard sounds like a pretty scary word, but in fact, the game’s opening shows you just how wrong the term is. A biohazard is a substance that is known to be fatal to humans and, when exposed, can cause death within two minutes. That means that you are in serious trouble before you even get started in the game. The game puts you directly into Alice’s position before she sets out on her journey. Thus, it seems like you are right there in front of the action, acting as the protagonist for your story.

April 2, 2021

A release date has also been announced for the Resident Evil: The Movie film. It’s scheduled to open in theaters in March of next year, 2021. If you’re a fan of the game, you’ll probably want to stay tuned for the release date. Although the release date doesn’t mean much, considering how long it takes for the movie to come out in theaters, there’s no telling if the film will live up to the excellent quality of the games.

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