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Visage game is an atmospheric, suspenseful, and horror game by independent game developer, SadSquare Studio. Set in an oddly-styled house with a ghostly history, players take control of Dwayne Anderson as he investigates the origins of the strange residents that once called it home. Visage is a point-and-click adventure-adventure game with no combat or inventory to deal with. Players are taken through the house by a narrator as he slowly uncovers the mystery of what has become of the once-tidy Gothic house.


The storyline, while atmospheric and eerie, is not too complicated. However, it does make for a rather slow-moving game, especially when you consider how little information is revealed throughout the entire game. This is where the game fails the first time you play. In order to move forward, you must find a way to unlock the different rooms of the house in order to progress to the next level. Each room holds something different – such as a painting that holds a secret.

Visage is a game that has been compared to The Ring, another point-and-click horror game. The difference is in the atmosphere and the story told within it. The point of comparison is where the atmosphere and story are more atmospheric and more frightening. The game has you walking through a house while experiencing creepy scenes and puzzles along the way.

For a horror game, Visage has quite a bit to offer. Although it is not a horror game, but a puzzle/adventure type, the atmosphere is just like a true horror game. It takes the idea that a ghostly presence haunts the once-glorious house you are visiting. It also adds a bit of mystery and an atmosphere that is reminiscent of a real haunted house.

SadSquare Studio

This horror game has several different scenes that you can explore, each one featuring a different story. For example, the main haunted house scene contains three rooms, each one with their own storyline. Some of them revolve around an object inside a room, like a painting. Others are horror movies you hear about. One has a girl’s ghostly encounter. There are also empty rooms that you can enter to experience the atmosphere of the area.

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