30XX (Batterystaple Games)


You are one of the chosen individuals who have been called by the Special Services Division to solve the 30XX Level Report. You are to investigate and gather information about a series of incidents that occurred in the Special Forces Group. However, before you get into the investigation stage, you will need to put up with the challenges presented by the game. The game is to be played in single player mode. You can either view the action from the third person view or from the first person view.


There is an ongoing conflict going on in the middle of the game. This conflict involves the X-Men, who have been asked to assist the United States in stopping the impending attack by the Magneto. The objective of the game is also to save the X-Men from Magneto’s timeline. The game has a tutorial stage, as well. The first level is the hardest one in the game, but once you complete it, you will not have to go through it again. This makes this game a great repeat as you will know how to complete it the first time.


Another thing about this game that makes it fun is the visual elements included in it. For instance, there are plenty of explosions, bodies being burned, and soldiers getting killed. The graphics are quite graphic, so if you have sensitive ears like I do, then you might want to skip this. You will also experience a night vision type of feature that permits you to see things in the dark. The night vision feature is activated only when you are in combat, and will stay on the screen even when you switch to another window. In short, you get to experience night vision in this game.

Batterystaple Games

One of the most interesting features of the 30XX is its storyline. It tells the story of what happened between Mayor Antonio Salicante and the terrorists that were causing instability in the country. We also learn from the different sidekicks that were working with Major Salicante, like his second in command, Diego. Although the storyline is not too complex, it was engaging. Although it took time to really get into, the game does provide you with enough information to understand the plot.

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