After The Fall (Steam) Review


After The Fall is the fourth game book in the award-winning children’s fantasy series, The Adventure of Peter Rabbit. An inspiring epilogue to a favorite nursery rhyme, ‘Humpty Dumpty’ by the award-winning and best-selling author and illustrator of the famous nursery rhyme, WILL HOLLANDER and PETER HITCH. Everyone knows that when Humpty Dumpty stood on that wall, he had a very good fall. He broke his leg and when he got back to his piggy bank he found himself in very deep water, trapped, and ready to sink forever.

After The Fall Backstory

But before he could fall into the water and drown, he thought about his predicament and decided to get back into the water. To get back into the water, he needed to find a way to get back on top of the falls. This is where the story of Peter Rabbit begins. The story follows Humpty as he meets a girl named Alice, who lives in a fairy-tale world, called Neverland.

Alice is an ordinary girl who dreams of a better life than working in a pig farm all day, waiting for a fat, dirty, old man to come along and take all of her money. To help Alice escape from her depressing life, she needs to find the magical “Fairy God Mother” who lives in a large wooden house that sits upon a sea of green grass called “The Grass of the Field”. The Fairy God Mother grants Alice a wish which allows her to visit different places in Neverland, and meet many of the exciting and Dynamic characters that she loves and admires. The fairy god mother teaches Alice to use her imagination and creativity to conquer the fears that she has been facing since coming to live with Peter and to become a confident young woman. When the rug of the fairy-tale land gets ripped by Peter, and falls to pieces, Alice and the other Dynamic characters are transported to Neverland, and encounter many new friends, and a magical cake that makes them magically sparkle.

What Are You Reading

Humpty and the other dynamic characters, including the ever patient, wise, and caring fairy godmother, overcome the obstacles thrown their way and reach Neverland. But this isn’t the end. The story continues to go through several changes as Alice and her new friends grow as individuals, and learn new things. Eventually, they discover that the reason for the fall of the rug, and the fear that they faced before, was because they were too attached to their old, traditional tales, and didn’t have enough growth mindset to accept newer ones.

Music is powerful. I have personally been influenced by many artists, and this new contemporary music, namely timer Rutherford-Johnson’s After The Fall, has inspired me. This brand new music contains optimism, adventure, love, courage, kindness, and hope, all of which are essential for building strong, positive, and self-confident individuals. As we continue to move forward, we can look to tim r Rutherford-Johnson’s music for a sound guide, which can direct us on our adventures in the ever-changing world.

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