Anno: Mutationem – Amazing Indie Game


ANNO: Mutationem is a brand new indie game coming from the minds of DrinkBox Studios. This game is a free demo/release of their upcoming RPG “Mutations” which is currently in pre-alpha. Expect an amazing graphics, intense action and an intriguing story all wrapped up in one small but very addictive game. I have no idea what’s so good about it, but I sure do enjoy it! So here’s a little bit about the story of the upcoming cybernetic RPG title.

ANNO: Mutationem

Anno: Mutationem Alpha will give you an exclusive first-look at the future of anthro game technology. A future where mankind has awakened and went into a deep sleep. The crew of the spaceliner “Viktor”, together with a mysterious alien named Alice, are the only people in the universe with the ability to read minds. Together they must find out why someone on earth failed to awaken from the stupor and why the other spaceliners didn’t get a chance to do so as well. Anno: Mutationem will also provide you with an early 2021 PC tech description and concept art for an in-depth look at the plot of the upcoming rpg.

It seems that mankind is awakening again after a long, peaceful sleep. The remaining humans are starting to figure out that they have a potential genetic edge over all the other species on the planet. In an effort to make themselves better and more competitive, they are beginning to hack into computer systems and hack into their software and hardware. This is bad news for mankind and the entire species of space, however as an unknown virus infects one of their satellites and starts to leak info to cyber terrorists. Now the stakes are raised and this isn’t a game anyone wants to lose.

Release Date: December 2020

Anno: Mutationem is going to be the PC sci-fi game that is well worth your time and attention. I can honestly say it is one of the most exciting releases in the genre. The way that the storyline is written and the concept behind the game is so innovative that it will push the boundaries of gaming and stand out as an excellent game worth playing. Anno is set to release in early 2021 and is already shaping up to be the next big thing when it comes to PC gaming.

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