At Dead of Night – Horror Game Review


If you are wondering how the hell you’re supposed to play a horror game, you should check out my review of Jimmy Smith’s At Dead of Night Game. This is one tough game when it comes to simulation and mental acuity. But if Jimmy can get through this one alright, he has got it all worked out. For those of you who don’t know, Dead of Night is Jimmy’s take on the classic arcade game “Droid”. This one is pretty much a “sequel” to that classic game.

At Dead of Night

In the ‘new’ version of Dead of Night, you get to select from three robots to play as. These robots each have their own strengths and weaknesses, which make this game a little more tricky to manage but it’s fun all the same. There are thirty levels in all, and if you’re up to it, you can even personalize your character so they possess the traits and abilities of each of the three robot classes.


You begin the game by selecting a character, and then Jimmy must move on and find a way to re-build the “base” of the facility you’re in so you’ll be protected from the evil robots who want to take over the base. Each stage is a new level, and there’s also an option to replay any previous stage you may have missed. You start of with limited power-ups and weapons, but as you earn experience points (based on how many zombies you kill), you’ll unlock better weapons and items to use. The overall goal is to locate and eliminate all the enemy robots you come across while staying out of harm’s way so you won’t be taken out by a sentry.

F**k Off Jimmy!

Jimmy’s objective isn’t the only obstacle he has to overcome, though. As he progresses through the indie horror game, the different environments change, as do the types of enemies and obstacles. When you’re playing as Jimmy, you have a choice of either shooting or using an explosive. Although Jimmy’s primary weapon is his gun, you have other options at your disposal as well including a machine gun, a shotgun, and machine guns which shoot targets that pop out from the ground.

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