Everspace 2 – 2021 spaceship shooter


You are looking for the best way to keep your kids busy in between activities, Everspace 2 on Steam is an educational platform that your kids will really enjoy. A whole community of over 4 million users from around the world have discovered this simple to use and secure web application that lets kids express their own creativity. It’s just one of many educational games available through Everspace. This game requires you to draw shapes with the mouse. However, kids can also engage in a 3D game called the Battle Arena.

Everspace 2

In the Battle Arena, kids can choose different types of weapons like the tank, aircraft and laser gun. The tank is the common choice for most kids because it gives them the feeling of being part of a war. The kids can also customize their vehicles by adding decals, paint jobs and graphics of their favorite pop stars or movie heroes. You as the parent can set the level of difficulty depending on how much of a challenge your child might find this game. It is a great platform to introduce your children to technology. They will enjoy the quick pace of the game as well as the opportunity to make their own designs.

If your kids are into drawing, they can do so on this amazing site. They can explore their artistic abilities on various media including watercolor, pencil and clay. With a myriad of tools at hand, kids can create anything they want to use brushes, crayons and sketch pads. Plus, you can give them tips on how to improve their drawings. This is a great way to bond with your kids.

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For the curious and artistic kids, Everspace 2 site has a gallery of artworks by over 400 artists. There is something for everyone, whether your child is looking for tutorials on how to draw cartoons or paintings, or if he or she is looking for a digital painting. Kids will surely enjoy the interactive lessons and tutorials that this site offers. The different subjects include nature, sports, animals, and people. You can even download high-resolution wallpapers for your desktop.

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