Farpoint 1984: Battle Royal


Farpoint 1984: Battle Royal is the sequel to the hit arcade game released in 1987 by Popcap Games. It is available for both the Apple iPhone and Google Android devices. If you are familiar with the first game, you will not have a hard time with this one because it pretty much is an upgrade on that concept. The goal of the game is to shoot down all the enemies on screen and to win the game you must complete all levels.

Farpoint 1984: Battle Royal

You control your character with the touch screen and tap the screen when you need to fire bullets or use items. If you are playing the game on android, you can simply tap the screen to get a menu and choose what you want to do. Some of the items included in the pack include items for your helicopter, jet, tank or airplane. You can purchase more stuff as you progress through the stages.

If you have problems downloading games, you might be having a bad day. All you need is the Farpoint plc software which is free for downloading. If you don’t like the free plc, you need to purchase a license. After you get your license, you can find all your favorite arcade games online for free. If you want to download one of the best games, check out the Google play store.

Farpoint is based on the Farpoint series of novels by Arthur C Clarke. In this game, you get to fly your own helicopter and shoot down enemy aircraft. Each level has different objectives and obstacles so you always have something new to try. You can pick up flying skills as you advance and get rewarded with more powerful flying machines.

You Don’t Say

To start the game, you just get access to your flying gear and select an airport to land on. The next thing you get to do is select a target from the various charts displayed on your screen. Select an aircraft of the same type as the displayed aircraft and shoot it down. When you are done with one mission, you advance to the next one.

The controls in Farpoint are simple and the interface is very attractive. The graphics are very nice and well enhanced. If you enjoy games with many elements, you will love this game. The controls are smooth and you can get that feeling of actually flying a plane with the joysticks.

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