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In Ghost of Tsushima: Samurai Video Game, players take control of a legendary hero as he battles enemies and challenges for his very life. The powerful blade master Rin Tainaka must face many deadly traps throughout 20th century Japan while searching for the legendary swordsman Senyu, who possesses the ability to command the elements of earth and fire. As battles rage around him, powerful winds, rains and even a mysterious cloaked figure known only as “The Master” wage an intense war against the peaceful townspeople of Rokkaku.

Ghost of Tsushima

As you battle through challenging Ghost of Tsushima levels, you will uncover the truth about Rin’s mysterious past and learn how to fight powerful enemies in order to bring an end to their reign of terror. Players can switch between Rin and Senyu in single player mode to take on the dual roles of this legendary swordsman. Powerful weapons such as the Shikai and Horyukai are also used by the blade master as he faces down waves of attacks from enemies. Players can also utilize a powerful item known as the Karamana to attack their enemies from a distance and to guard themselves from enemy attacks.


Take control of the blade master during his first battle and unleash a powerful combination attack that will kill nearly all characters in the game! Take on the role of a powerful Samurai warriors as you vanquish waves of enemies. The first level is also filled with powerful boss battles. A familiar tower is introduced that can be revisited as part of the game’s story line. The game will take players back to the time when the great war between the Shinto Empire and theoku Empire occurred. This game comes complete with English, French, German, Italian, Korean and Chinese versions.


Although most websites offer free versions of the games, there are those that offer paid versions as well. If you have the capacity to download these, you can start enjoying the adventurous game at no cost at all. However, if you do not have the ability to play games online, don’t worry. The official site of the anime series provides the free download option for fans who want to view the first battle of the anime series. You can even view a short clip from the movie that gave the game its title.



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