GTA Online – Cayo Perico Heist updates


The newest addition to the hit GTA Online game is the one of the most requested downloadable content by fans of the game. The newest one is the “Cayo Perico Heist” and it’s set to be one of the heists in the game with some really big rewards for those who are able to complete them. This write-up will give an introduction to the new heist, including some details about its background, mission and ending.

GTA Online

So, what’s up with the new heist? The basic story behind it is that a criminal escaped from a Russian prison and had been spotted by a group of federal agents. The fugitive managed to escape and is now on the run, trying to reach a rendezvous point with his handler. The mission is to track this criminal and bring him to justice or put an end to his criminal activities.

As you can probably guess, the objective of the mission is to get the criminal close to an exacting point where you can meet him and get the mission done. There are two main ways to do this; driving or flying. One of them requires more focus and attention compared to the other, since you can’t easily fail either of them. Anyway, driving tends to be the most convenient way to get there and it gets you closer to your objective faster. Just make sure that you get a good view of the whole area you’re approaching so you won’t get stuck on any curves or sides of the road. The map you’re using should have these curves marked on it, as they’ll help you get to the right road.

Cayo Perico Heist

Once you get close to the GTA Online cars, a cut-out appears and allows you to gun down the criminal without getting hit yourself. You can aim at the head, shoulders and torso area of the target, but you might want to try the legs as well, because you don’t want to take any damage doing it! Aim for the neck for easier results, although this one takes considerably longer to perform successfully. Either way, you need to complete the mission in the least amount of time possible, otherwise you will fail the target and have to start the whole process all over again.



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