Homeworld 3 – The End Of An Era


Homeworld 3 is a third-person strategy role-playing video game being developed by the independently owned Australian company Cryptic Studios. The game is intended for hardcore console and PC players. It is not a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) nor does it have the basic features of an MMORPG such as an inventory system or a world map. Instead, Homeworld 3 takes after the classic formula that makes classic video games: narrative, exploration and character development. It is not set in the traditional continents of Earth, nor does it feature any dragons or space fighting.

Homeworld 3

The premise of the Homeworld series is that there are five planets called the Homeward Islands, also known as the Tharsis in the English language. Each of these planets are in orbit around the primary planet Hoth. When the humans arrived on these planets, they were not equipped for hostile environments and so were forced to develop rudimentary weapons and spacecraft in order to survive. In Homeworld 3, these first steps are being taken towards eventual empire and expansion. As each island is conquered and occupied, more characters are introduced to the player’s character and this becomes part of the narrative as well.

However, it would seem that in this game the long wait for the player’s first introduction to the main plot can be a very long wait indeed. It takes quite a long time for the player to be given sufficient background information to allow him/her to make intelligent choices that will have a direct impact on the outcome of the storyline. This can become extremely frustrating indeed and a factor that deters many from playing this game despite it being one of the best selling titles in the homeworld series.

The End Of An Era

One of the main problems with Homeworld 3 lies in the way that the in-game currency, namely ISK, is used. As was the case with the previous games in the series, ISK is used to purchase upgrades for your star ship. The problem with this is that it is also used to purchase crew skills and cargo holds. If you do not have enough ISK to perform all of these tasks, then you are effectively cutting yourself short. And since you can’t perform most of these actions without a reasonable amount of ISK, this effectively ties up the rest of the game for you until you can get enough of the right resources to gain access to more advanced technologies and crew members. This makes the end of the game considerably shorter than what fans of the previous games have been expecting.

This short length of the end game is actually what makes it a little more interesting compared to other RTS games. You get to complete tasks without spending too much time, which helps you build up your ISK quite fast. And because you are playing on a single-player experience, you can play through the single-player campaign again until you finish the game. The only way for the developers to add more content to the game in the future is by taking the game into a multiplayer setting, but so far, we don’t know if we’ll ever see Homeworld 3 in this format.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the first game’s excellent single-player gameplay. And because there is no real-time strategy element, you won’t be forced to use one of your factions’ weapons or strategy guides to tell you what to do and when. That’s a relief. You can just enjoy the space battle and the dogfights, score victories based on your ships’ armaments and engineering skills, and learn more about your own character as you go. So if you enjoyed the first game, you’re likely as well to enjoy Homeworld 3 as well.

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