Honor of Kings – China’s Biggest Game


Arena of Valor, previously known as Strike of Kings, is now an internet adaptation of Honor of Kings video game, a massively multi-player online role-playing game developed by Ti Mi Studios and released for various markets worldwide. In case you haven’t heard, the game is all about Chinese politics, and how a Dynasty’s glory can be restored by choosing either the Renowned Dynasty’s chosen heir the blind empress dowager, or the cunning Scorpion King, who leads his troops like a tank. It’s also a story about the coming civil war in China, pitting the previously victorious Mao Dynasty against the reunified Tibetan Autocrat regime led by the newly crowned Prince Fan Qiong. The latest release in the series features an all new class of character: the Avatar, who are all customizable, and are mechanically augmented to include skills from every realm.

Honor of Kings

Unlike previous Honor of Kings games of this type, which were largely text-based, the newest release of Honor of Kings features an interactive tutorial that guides new players through the game’s systems and mechanics. This makes for a much more pleasant experience, as it eliminates a lot of the confusion that usually accompanies new game content. One notable exception to this was the game’s first major boss, the Ironclad. Although the battle required strategy, it could not be understood by any player before the tutorial was introduced. Thankfully, help is still available in-game for any lingering questions.


Like its predecessors, this game provides a freehold for a king. However, instead of defending the keep against attacks, your new kingdom must defend itself from a nearby invasion. And since the avatar is basically the same person who appears in the conventional versions of the games, he/she has the same special moves and abilities as in-game. Skills, on the other hand, are acquired throughout the game’s many missions and battles. A new skill, called the Knightly Charge, is available at level 10 and provides a powerful attack against enemy units. The game is also packed with plenty of achievements, allowing players to become the best of the best.

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The story of the game is told through a series of flashbacks that slowly reveal the reasons for the actions of each character. For example, at the beginning of the game you’ll see Ezalin plotting ways to conquer the realm of Krystal. However, when his plans fall through, the king of Krystal suddenly finds herself captured and taken to her kingdom. Her captor, the Lord of Sorrow, intends to make her his wife, but she refuses to let go of her childhood friend, Talia. In the end, the two escape and Talia fall in love with Ezalin.



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