Horizon Forbidden West – PS5 January 2021


Horizon Forbidden West is an up and coming action role-playing video game developed by Guerrilla Games, a studio located in Paris, France. It will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in early 2020. Horizon is part of the Horizon franchise, which has been very successful for Sony’s PlayStation devices. It is expected to be one of the best selling games for either system within the foreseeable future.

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West will follow the story of Alodia, who is on a quest to find her son, Horus, who was presumed dead after being attacked by an unknown assailant. In order to reach her son, she sets out on a quest across the Divide. Along the way, she battles vampires, strange creatures, and worse creatures. This video game will have lots of intense combat and will be very memorable for any player who wants a chance to play in this exciting environment.

In the Horizon Forbidden West dev diary, the game’s lead character, Alodia, provides much-needed information about the events of the game and explains why she is on her quest. The scenes are quite impressive as Alodia narrates her story using text boxes and her webcam. The text boxes explain some of the locations seen in the game as well as what you’ll be doing in each scene. The webcam makes it easy to see Alodia in action, and the text boxes show off her beautiful facial features. This is a very expressive character that makes the player feel like they are really getting a glimpse of the legendary blonde vampire.

According to the official Horizon Forbidden West website, the game will feature new characters including Alodia, as well as additional side quests. Other characters from the previous game can be introduced, and it looks like more interesting side quests will be included. This is good news, because fans of the series haven’t been satisfied with the story. In fact, some fans went so far as to call Horizon Forbidden West a bad game. If the new characters and side quests excite you enough, then I suppose it could be considered bad game. I can’t say anything definitive in that regard.

Release Date: January 2021

The developers at Sony’s PlayStation 4 has also released a new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, which you can find below. The trailer shows off a couple of new areas that are seen in the game, as well as some new gameplay. The trailer also gives a good look at some of the possible endings, you might find yourself scratching your head to figure out how to end it. As you can probably tell, there is a lot to cover in this video, so it definitely warrants your attention. It also looks like there will be some good news regarding the game, especially considering the fact that Horizon Zero Dawn is already slated to release during the first half of the year.

So is Horizon Forbidden West worth your time? That all depends on what you’re looking to get from the game. If you’re looking for a video game that will provide you with hours upon hours of mindless entertainment, then yes, I’d say it’s worth your time and money. However, if you want something that will challenge your mind and take you out of your comfort zone, then Horizon Forbidden West might not be the video game for you.

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