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Iris Fall is the latest show from Channel One Pictures. Directed by Greg Garcia, the film promises to be one of those fantastic romantic films that captivates you right from the word go. Starring in the role of the hotshot young couple Mark Shafer and Angie Rice, the movie promises to be more than just about love, it is also about friendship and how life’s little accidents play a crucial role in our relationships. The story revolves around a young girl called Iris, who falls in love with a rich boy. However, Iris’s life is turned upside down when her best friend is killed in a freak accident, leaving her with a traumatic wound that leaves her suspicious and haunted.

Iris Fall

The story develops around Iris’ relationship with another man, Ben, whom she met while she was waiting to see her best friend at the mall. The two spend time together, however, things go from a comfortable distance to something more romantic when Iris falls for him. From the start, the movie is filled with romance and intrigue as we are introduced to some new characters and fall in love with them.

Soon enough, Iris finds herself falling in love with another boy, Callum. Callum too is in love with Iris, but he is just a year older than her and therefore unable to consummate his love. This disappoints Iris, but fortunately she meets another boy called Jacob, who is also one year older than she is. Together, they hope to overcome any obstacles in their relationship and reach the goal of love and lust.

But Iris isn’t the only one with problems. Her mother has been having an affair with another man, Nick, whom her father finds out about. Iris is uncomfortable with her mother’s behavior towards Nick, but she must put up with it if she wants to move on with her life. Iris also discovers her father has taken up with another woman. This is one of the most talked about scenes in the show. What happened to Iris is a topic that is very personal, even sad, but it is one of the most convincing as well.

Final Verdict

The climax of the show involves Iris and Jacob make love after Jacob’s parents die in a car crash. Iris and Jacob then fall in love and become a couple, although Iris does everything she can to hold back from Jacob so she doesn’t embarrass herself. It ends up that she is too ashamed to reveal her feelings to Jacob, but he still loves her. This ending in itself is great enough to make this Iris Fall Review worth reading.

Overall, “Iris Fall” is a good romantic comedy with excellent acting. The romantic elements of the story are what make it stand out from similar shows. Everyone involved in the show will be able to relate to what the characters are going through, including the love triangle. If you like romances that involve strong emotions, then you will definitely like “Iris Fall.” Check out the show online for more information about it.

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