Lost Words: Beyond the Page on Steam


This second chapter of Lost Words: Beyond the Page is perhaps the most challenging one in the game, even though it doesn’t come with as many unique scenes or items. Instead, this chapter focuses more on the textual component of the game. There are many puzzle pieces available throughout the hidden object scenes, which will open up different words and pictures. However, if you’re not careful, then you will get hit by a red brick and lose your progress. Fortunately, all of these puzzles are relatively simple to solve.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page

After collecting all of the text items, you will get to find one of the main characters from the game, Dr. Finkelstein. You’ll notice that Finkelstein is a lot different from the other characters you see throughout the game. For example, when you read his thoughts during thought trails, you will hear him express opinions that are contrary to those of the rest of the characters. He may express concern for your well-being, or state that he feels you will succeed. In addition, there are several clues within the game’s code that you must decode in order to advance through the game’s many puzzles and endings.


Lost Words: Beyond the Page follows a similar format as the rest of the Lost Words puzzles – you start off with a word and then need to match it with a picture within a certain location in the picture sequence. To do this, you have a limited number of moves before time runs out, at which point you must choose again. You can find a list of all the words in the game, and the locations where they can be found, on the game’s data menu. However, unlike other games, the layout of the words is not consistent throughout the game.

Apr 6, 2021

Beyond the Page was developed by Cryptic Studios, a small San Francisco-based development company known for creating puzzles and hidden objects titles.  As luck would have it, Cryptic Studios was working on a new puzzle title when it was invited to be a part of the contest run by Apple called the Appspiration contest. The contest is a worldwide phenomenon, allowing budding game developers to show off their creations to the largest audience possible.




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