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MAQUETTE features a number of procedural elements, including randomly generated rooms (notably inspired by Mystery Case Files HPS) and “reward system” elements. Every time a player takes part in a round of play, a clue will be added to the pool of future clues. The twist is that every player action affects the next, so that what might have helped one person come up with that clue, could well be hindering someone else’s efforts. That’s the core of the game’s recursion engine, which allows the game to continually update the list of clues for each new session. I really like the way this feature encourages the players to think creatively about the questions they pose to the game’s characters, even when they know the answer already.


From the moment I tried MAQUETTE, I was impressed by how solid it was. There are no frustrating loading times or noticeable slowdown, which is a big plus over many other narrative-driven games. It’s not only smooth and clean, but also very colorful, with great visual effects and interesting animation. The steaming letters that appear on screen prompt you to read them, and the overall presentation of the game makes it easy to imagine that the letters themselves are real steam powered engines.


Since the game runs on the engine that powers the internet, the loading times are significantly shorter on both the ps3 and the pc versions. While the ps3 has noticeably faster load times, it seems like it’s mostly due to the fact that the game is running on a lot more hardware, and as a result the game runs much smoother on both the ps3 and the pc. The same holds true for the Xbox, which doesn’t seem to have quite the same memory bandwidth as the ps3.

Unknown Release Date

Based on what I’ve seen so far, MAQUETTE really looks like it will be a fun game to play. The puzzles themselves look nice, with clean lines and nice art. All the other aspects of the game look great as well, and it looks like they’re moving in the right direction with regards to user friendliness. If you like your puzzle games to be challenging but also aesthetically pleasing, then I’d definitely recommend trying out the new MAQUETTE game!

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