Martha is Dead – Upcoming Horror Game


If you want to try something scary this Halloween then the newly release Martha is Dead game will be ideal for you. This game is based on the novel written by Suzanne Collins. It follows the character of Martha, a young woman who returns home after being dead for over a year. Now she must learn to cope with her new condition and survive.

Martha is Dead

The game is very gripping. It takes you through each scene in great detail. The audio and visuals combine to make this one of the scariest game play experiences you will ever have. If you enjoy horror then you will love playing Martha is Dead. The storyline as well as the game play are very well done.

I believe that it is the combination of the story as well as the game play that make this game as scary as it is. The story is based on a real life event. The game itself is very well designed. The graphics are very well done and the scenes are not just jump scares.

The game does require a small amount of reading. You will find that reading will slow down the game play experience. You will also find that once you get to the ending you will feel a sense of satisfaction. It will help you play the game more smoothly.

If you enjoy first person shooters then you will love playing Martha is Dead. It is set in the zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world. The story begins six months after the events of the novel. You are part of a group of survivors living in a house. You have been told to wait for the authorities, which have been sent to secure the area.

The player takes the role of a survivor. She has been given a shotgun and a first aid kit. You have been told to hang out at the safe place, which is your tent. You will have to survive for a few days until the authorities arrive. You will have to fight through waves of zombies that will come at you from all directions.

Release Date?

The horror game is very exciting. The zombie menace will seem endless. As you play through the game you learn about each character. As you progress through the game you will find out more about each one. You will also find out how the whole thing began.

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