Nier: Reincarnation – Japan March 2020


Nier: Reincarnation is a sci-fi action-adventure title developed by Square Enix and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. The game is set in the world of Nier and the prequel to Nier: Drakengard, which are actuallysequels and sequels to the old Drakengard game series. The game is very much different than the older games, in that it’s more action-adventure in its story and gameplay. As you can expect from any of the Square Enix franchises, Nier features many familiar characters such as Kain, ifa, dliet, Shiva, Kain’s father, and several others. There are even some twists with some of the characters which I won’t spoil for you.

Nier: Reincarnation

Square Enix had previously released other Japanese titles such as Tomb Raider Anniversary and Dissidia. Their latest release will be released in fiscal year 2020. It’s possible that the release date for Nier: Reincarnation will be delayed or canceled, based on how Square Enix reacted to the negative reception their newest RPG received. Some gamers are expecting a delayed release date because of the large amounts of hype, fanfare, and advertising which came with the original release. If the rumors are true, then they may have underestimated how big a hit the game would be in Japan and North America.

One of the most recent rumors concerning the localization of Nier: Reincarnation for mobile devices is that the game will only be available in iPhone and iPad. A reason for this is because it is a multiplatform title and it requires the use of the Apple’s iOS devices in order to be played on the mobile devices. This would mean that the company doesn’t want to limit the scope of its release to iOS devices alone, especially if they can successfully push the title to other platforms. We’ll know more about the possibility of Nier Reincarnation being available through other mobile devices in the near future.

English Version – Soon

In the game itself, the game revolves around a young boy who lives in a town called regrets. This boy’s father was murdered by the “Black Eyes” a group of terrorists. Because of this, the young boy took up the identity of the main character, Nier. The story begins with Nier traveling across town while joining up with other gamers he meets along the way. He ends up meeting the father of another young girl who also has a mysterious past, and the two form a partnership to help save the world.

While the mobile version of the PC game would not feature as much of the same gameplay as the consoles, the two games share some similarities. For example, both titles would include a variety of stages where players can experience the story from start to finish. Also, the overall goal of the game would be to solve puzzles and complete stages within a certain time period, while unlocking new abilities as the game progresses. This time management element helps to make the gameplay feel more fluid between both platforms.

With the closed beta already out for the PC, it looks like Nier Reincarnation may have a chance at reaching the success enjoyed by its major console competition. The mobile title is still early on, so there’s no telling if it will retain the same positive reception as the closed beta did. Only time will tell. If you’re interested though, you should head over to the official website to register your free demo right now.

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