Nintendo Switch 2 or Switch Pro In 2021?


We’re still expecting Nintendo to debut the new Nintendo Switch, either called the Nintendo Switch 2 or Switch Pro, in 2021. Many of the big rumours and leaks surrounding the new Switch: the console will output up to 4K video resolution, a 64GB SSD storage, two USB-C ports, 48 hours of battery, support for a dual-screen console, Nvidia DLSS 2.0 support and Mini-LED display technology.

One controversial rumor circulating was that Switch Pro wouldn’t be playable in handheld mode, despite Nintendo insisting a screen would still be integrated on the device thus contradicting the claim. Moreover, the Switch’s charm stems from the fact we can swap between TV and handheld mode with simple ease.

Nintendo Switch 2 Mini-LED Display

Probably the most noteworthy addition, the Mini-LED displays are the newest technology which offer better contrast, response times, and energy efficiency over typical LCD panels. And most importantly they don’t suffer drawbacks like burn-in screen. This new type of LED are supposed to be expensive, given their limited availability, with Apple and Nintendo to be the early adopters starting in 2021.

This technology will be supplied by a screen panel manufacturer from Taiwan, Innolux. If Nintendo chooses to adopt it, then this means that the company is seperating from its loyal screen manufacturers, namely Sharp and Japan Display Inc.

There is also the Exynos 1000 GPU series consideration, developed by Samsung and AMD, which if Nintendo decides to opt for it over the aging Tegra X1 used in the current Switch, could give the Switch 2 a boost.

What About The Price

There’s no official price set yet for Nintendo’s next Switch, sources suggest that it’ll cost in the range of $299 to $399. This would force the first-gen console to see a discount, remain the same price ($299), or be discontinued depending on Nintendo’s plan for the Pro.

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