Sony reluctant to Refund Cyberpunk 2077


Sony Computer Network Services has created their own popular series of books based on the world of cyberpunk 2077. The cyber-thriller ‘The Cold Dead Souls’, written by Peter V Brett, is a great start to this exciting series. The novel starts out with a simple murder mystery, one that takes place in an ordinary car, which when done so on the streets of London might give rise to some unusual events.

Cyberpunk 2077

The novel continues with the cybernetically augmented human named Alex, who must travel around London in an attempt to discover what happened to his wife and child during their last escape together. During this search he comes into contact with cybernetically enhanced humans called the Flats and is suddenly plunged into the cyberpunk world of the city below. This world is populated by those who have been ‘culled’ through implantation with software, and are of cybernetically enhanced nature. The novel soon reveals that these cyberspace creatures are the reason why the Flats are on the run and also why there is a risk of worldwide destruction when the cybernetic society begins to collapse.

The novel then shifts to the present day, and we see that Alex still needs to find out what happened to his wife and child, but he doesn’t know how. So he decides to enlist the aid of a new character called Max, who is a member of the computer network services group called the Flats. Max is the one who helps Alex track down his wife and child and also tells him of the underground society of the cybernetically enhanced. It turns out that the society is actually called the Dark Net, and that its goal is to control the world with powerful computers and other cybernetic devices. And from there on the adventure unfolds.

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This book isn’t for everybody. While it does have a somewhat mature subject matter (one that a younger person might not enjoy reading) it doesn’t carry a lot of humor, nor does it offer a great deal of twists and turns. However, if you’re a fan of science fiction and enjoy things that have a lot of technical detail, then I recommend this novel. And if you’re interested in reading a story about computer networks and the dangers that lurk within them or just want to read an intriguing novel, then Cyberpunk is a great book. It’s just a little different than the norm.


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