Tactical Gramma – Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru


Bellingham Grandmother, Michelle Statham is able to meet some of her fans and she can even become known to them. She is given gifts as recognition for what she has done. She even becomes a topic of conversation at the parties, the attendees are having. Her newfound popularity inspires other mothers to join in and become game enthusiasts too.

Tactical Gramma

It can be said that Grandma was able to achieve her goal of gaining fame and influence in the gaming world. She has given the gaming community another great role model and made mothers everywhere look up to her for guidance and advice. She was able to conquer her fear of death and become an inspiration to many gamers worldwide.

But fame doesn’t last forever. Video games get old and they can be boring. Grandma needs new games to keep her mind off of old ones. She purchases them from stores that offer online video gaming and never misses her turn on the video screen. Grandma even joins live streaming game events and chat with her online friends. She even encourages her online fans to get involved in the game she is playing.

Known as Tactical Gramma, Michelle Statham gets to know of a website that streams video game videos. She visits the site and discovers that there are a lot of people who visit the site. Some of them are from her area and she introduces her family and friends to the site. They all get hooked and it becomes a popular networking site for streaming video games.

As the site continues to gain popularity, Grandma gets to enjoy invitations from other streaming video game websites to come and play their games. She gets to travel from one website to another trying to find places that have streaming game tournaments.

Online Streamer

Sometimes she ends up in places where there are no tournaments but she’s always glad to see people who enjoy the game she plays. Grandma enjoys meeting new people who play video games and wants to share her passion.

Grandmother gains more fame as she participates in contests for being the best player in the world. She gets to be interviewed about the game she plays and gets to promote products that she uses while playing video games. If she wins a tournament, she gets to receive a prize. And all of this is what makes Grandma feel really good about herself.

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