The Medium – PC, XBOX – 28 January 2021


The Medium is a new psychological horror video game based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft. The story follows the character Jack Malicropian, who finds himself thrust into an alternate version of his own life. In this strange place he must fight monsters, fight his own sanity, and deal with the consequences of an unknown past. The game will have you trekking through the dark alleys and twisting alleys of a modern London. This is a great game that will have you seeking out the hidden horror on your PC.

The Medium

The first glimpse of The Medium was released to the public in 2021. The game is very atmospheric as it takes you into the dark alleys and canyons of an alternate London. The eerie sounds and sights blend together with the intense combat, which is both realistic and frightening. The game makes you feel like you are actually seeing and experiencing everything. The story begins somewhere in 2021, as Jack walks down a country road. A mysterious and dark figure is following him and seems intent on turning him into a monster. He manages to escape the attacker and races across the city looking for help. He meets the beautiful maid who is there to help him, but she is also a monster hunter. The two of them team up and the adventure unfolds. Throughout the game you will learn more about The Medium. You will learn about the mysterious nature behind him as well as what is waiting for him in the future. The Medium is very atmospheric as it takes you deep into a nightmarish world of madness and fear.

The combat in The Medium is very tense and fast paced. You will be fighting the enemies on screen using guns and other weapons. There are several locations and quests to complete throughout the game. The player is free to explore at his leisure. The puzzles in the game vary from simple to more challenging challenges. The puzzles tend to be very difficult and require thought put into them. This adds a level of interest to the game as you have to think smart while solving a problem. They can be easy and simple or very challenging and thought-provoking.

28 January 2021

The majority of the positive reviews seem to be positive regarding the game. There are only a few negative reviews that mention some minor problems. It is not however essential to read any negative reviews. The majority of people seem to love the game. The graphics and effects are quite good. The story is thrilling and there is no question about the reality and non-fiction style. The Medium is definitely a game to look forward to. It is recommended for anyone who enjoys adventure, horror and mystery games.

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