The Space in Between – Review 2021


The Space in Between on Steam is also coming out on PC, and it will come with its own creepy Valentine’s Day themed sound effects, spectacular images, and gorgeous 3D effects. It’s been improved upon since its previous incarnation, and you’ll get to experience all of the new content that the developers have added in. The storyline is much more thrilling now, as the viewer finds themselves stuck in an alternate timeline. It’s up to you to help the janitor save Valentine’s Day and solve the mystery behind The Space in Between. The game has an improved audio quality, and there are even some extra scary endings this time around.

The Space in Between

The PC game is available to purchase for $5.99, but you can save quite a bit of money by pre-ordering it. With a little bit of customization, you can transform the mouse control device that comes with the game into something completely unique and fun. Pre-ordering allows you to have up to four (4) personalized controls, giving you the ability to play the game exactly how you want to, with any keyboard and mouse that you’d like. The Space in Between expansion will be available soon, so take advantage of the opportunity while it’s still available.

The PC game will be available for free at the start, and it will cost you fifty dollars to buy the March update. Although it doesn’t include the whole March Monster Hunter story, it will give you enough content to tide you over until the full release of the game. The whole game will consist of a single story line. If you are interested in playing the PC game, I highly recommend downloading the March update before the deadline due on the 23rd. The PC game can be downloaded right here.

There is also a “FEBruary Free” offer at the beginning of the month, which provides you with the first four episodes of The Space in Between for free. The whole game can be played in single player mode, or you can join a multiplayer server and play along with other players from all around the world. You can even make your favorite characters appear as characters in the game!

Price and Verdict

The Space in Between game is due to be launched on the 7th of February, so make sure to check out the official website and subscribe to the newsletter (you will receive a link in your email). The Space in Between is definitely one of those PC games that will leave you begging for more. Although it’s not exactly a mind-blowing game, it will surely put you into a whole new worl

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