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Tormented Souls game is a hidden object and horror game based upon the book, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. The story begins in Paris, where an unknown serial killer strikes a house and leaves its occupant alive, but dead on the floor. The police are called in and the serial killer escapes.

Tormented Souls

The victim’s body is discovered several days later in the cellar of an old farmhouse. There he re-links his fingers and wrists to a set of bindings that date back to the medieval times. His life has been tormented ever since. He can no longer distinguish between right and wrong, or pain and pleasure. He knows every touch and every thought, and it is consuming him. When he tries to escape, he finds himself locked in a cell in the basement.

In order to escape, you will have to find the way into the manor. Each level is composed of multiple rooms which switch between being a prison cell or a library. There you will have to find the way through many puzzles and terrifying puzzles which involve finding items that are missing from all the other cells in the game play.

The storyline is gripping. I cannot even remember the last time I felt so many emotions while playing a game. My mind was on just a couple of scenes, and each scene was extremely graphic and disturbing. Some of the puzzles are so difficult that you really have to back track to find where you are going and how to find the tools that you need to solve them. It gets very old after a while. The first two levels were really tough, but you get used to it.

Release Date?

The horror game music is haunting and creepy. The sound design is excellent. The graphics and the effects are really good. The first thing I noticed about this game is that the puzzles never become too difficult to solve, but the scenery never changes and you can find all the things you need to figure out what is happening.

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