VALORANT Patch 2.02 fixes


Recently, I had to do some research on the new ” VALORANT Patch 2.02″ that Riot Games has developed and introduced. Based off of the very popular Counter Strike: Dynasty game which is a mod for the older version of that game but now with all new stuff. The VALORANT patch 2.0 puts a lot of the game’s mechanics on steroids. The overall concept behind the new patch is actually very good:


For example, let’s say you’re playing as a sniper. You go into a room full of people and begin spraying everyone with rounds from your rifle, hoping that one of them will trip on your dead body or you will hit the person that just got killed by your shot and kill them instantly. Well, the new valorant patch 2.02 allows you to no longer do this, since the new movement accuracy update affects your hip firing accuracy and running accuracy.

If you were to check the values in the “valorant patch 2.02” for the new movement accuracy update, you will notice that it no longer affects your hip firing accuracy. It only affects the running accuracy instead. Now, this running accuracy won’t effect your kills or assists much since those only apply if you were moving while shooting. But does this make the game more or less fun to play?

Well, not exactly. The thing is, since this is basically a new game (especially if you don’t like the old ones too much) and the new rank system aren’t updated yet, it’s pretty much a mess out there. There’s no telling whether you can get the new rank you want or not, and if you do, how many ranks you have to get in order to be able to use your special ability. These kind of details are very important, especially considering that the move-in ranks are the most difficult ones to get.

Bugs Abuse

There were a few minor changes, mainly in the way of rebounding and scanning. The rebreathing system was not very effective, but with the inclusion of the scan feature, this has been greatly improved. Other valorant patches 2.02 changes include a fix for a bug that was causing some items to get corrupted. The main part of the bug was the way in which the item settings were saved between game sessions. This ensures that all your characters have the same items when you go back into the queues.


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