Xbox Wireless Headset – $99.99, March 16


Microsoft has also announced several new XBOX wireless headsets. These new headsets will work with the Xbox 360 console. A few of the available options are Xbox Wireless EarStick, Xbox Wireless Chat Stick, and Xbox Wireless Headset. It is not clear whether these products will be sold in traditional retail stores, or if they will be sold exclusively online.

Xbox Wireless Headset

Nintendo has also announced several new wireless headsets. They offer the Wireless adapter, which allows Wii users to connect to their home wireless network. Then there are the SuperNoice wireless headset, which are similar to the older Gamecube wireless headsets, but this version has more features. Nintendo’s other wireless headsets will be coming to retail stores soon.

Sony and Microsoft have not forgotten their video game lovers when it comes to the Xbox wireless headset announcements. There is now the TPS-x00 Wireless Gaming headset. This wireless headset offers three front ports, one rear port, and one unique third port. This headset sports a stylish, futuristic design, and is very comfortable to use. You will need to download the Xbox Live Arcade application to use this wireless headset. This wireless headset also works with the PlayStation 2, and the Play Station Portable.

March 16

One of the most interesting microsoft xbox wireless headset announcements was about the upcoming “Lite” version of Xbox. The new wireless headset has many of the features of the original but is thinner. Although it is thinner, it is still packed with all the same features that made the original version so popular. These wireless headsets will be available on the market this fall. You can find them at any electronics store or gaming store. If you are looking for a way to enhance your video gaming experience, then this could be the perfect option for you.

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