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When it comes to MMORPGs, few will be able to say that Zenith MMO exceeds the competition. Developed by Cryptic Studios, a studio located in California, Zenith is one of the many cutting edge MMORPGs on the market today. It has a lot of impressive graphics, a multitude of user options and an all-important user interface.

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Zenith MMO system requirements state that you need at least eight GB of ram for the game to function properly. An Intel Core 2 Duo U 7600 processor is required at a bare minimum to operate Zenith. In terms of game data file size, you need approximately 10 GB of free space available to play the game. The actual amount of memory that is utilized by the game can be adjusted by the user.

The game of Zenith MMO has a highly realistic setting, as this is set in a near-future where a war is being fought between the forces of good and evil. Players take on the roll of a Paladin, a cyborg assassin or a mysterious thief and venture into the dangerous world of Vanuatu. Along the way they will encounter other players and hundreds of storyline events. The storyline in the game has multiple objectives and choices that can change the course of the game.

In terms of actual combat, the game does include a bit of player strategy. A typical attack is followed by some sort of countermeasure which may not hit the target. There are also some points when a player is forced to go on the offensive in which special abilities may be utilized. There is also the option of selecting a particular class prior to beginning a game in order to further customize the character build. Classes can range from warrior, engineer, hunter, ninja and more.

The world of Zenith MMORPG is constantly evolving. New weapons, quests, enemies and more are added as the game progresses. This also means that the features that were present in the original game may no longer be available as new ones are introduced. However, the developers are always looking for ways to expand and improve the quality of the game. They are constantly adding new features, balancing out old ones and making sure that the game is free from bugs.

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Zenith MMORPG is available for free of charge. However, it is recommended that a person obtain a copy of the game in order to enjoy it fully. There are a variety of ways to play the game including PvP, PvE and Role Playing games. There is also an option to choose the difficulty of the game which ranges from easy to hard. Regardless of what type of player a person is, the game will provide hours of enjoyment.

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